"Beautiful, soul warming poetry"

And the Tail Wagged On... is both a celebration of the love and an investigation into the leash that binds both dog to human and human to dog. It is also an exploration into the traumas of dog-human ownership as in the unexpected arrival of a fearsome kitten, the ordeal of visiting other dog owned houses and the problems that arise when one is always having to show an alleged natural hunting instincts when facing possums, squirrels or other wild animals.

This anthology highlights the problems of human-canine cohabitation exploring the cultural differences of bathing. Canines will bathe once a year, whether they need it or not, while humans seem to get extremely dirty and have to wash on a daily basis. As well as investigating the age old question as to whether it is more polite to go to the bathroom inside the house or in the garden like a savage, which humans seem to prefer.
Finally, the poems in this anthology prove beyond doubt that even with the communication and cultural issues the human-canine relationship is always a special one.

This anthology features the work of: John Aylesworth, D.M. Babbit, Donna Barkman, Rick Blum, Clark Cook, Sharon Cote, Belinda DuPret, Andy Flatt, Stephen Galiani, Marianne Gambaro, Tom Greening, Carol Lynn Grellas, John Grey, Art Heifetz, Sandy Hiortdahl, Lynn F. Hoffman, Ann Howells, Linda Kraus, Stephanie Madan, Indunil Madhusankha, Linda J. Maj, Janet McCann, Jennifer A. McGowan, Beth McKim, Sarah, Frances Moran, Sharon Lask Munson, Antonella Novi, P.J.Reed, Elisavietta Ritchie, Wendy Schmidt, John T. Shillito, Katherine Simmons, Paul M. Strohm, Barbara J. Thomas, Sylvia Riojas Vaughn , John Ward, Mary Wheeler, Dorothy B. Williams, Heidi Willson, Matthew Wilson, Laryssa Wirstiuk, Cigeng Zhang and Fred Zirm.

"Happy dog poems for happy dog people!"

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